Custom Air Cleaners

There are many pollutants that float about freely in the air. Very rarely are these pollutants visible to the naked eye. More often than not, they are so minute that they can easily go unnoticed and still cause tremendous damage to a person’s health and sanity if inhaled on a continuous basis. Air cleaners are devices that help clean the air by getting rid of pollutants and odors and unhealthy particles that are teeming in the atmosphere. They are gadgets that continuously perform the task of sanitizing the air and making it fresh and safe to inhale. Air cleaners use processes called oxidation and ionization to cleanse the air and render it pollutant free.

airPurifierSystemAir cleaners can be custom made to suit a particular environment and a precise setting. They are sought after by most households, offices, and are a vital essential for all factories and industrial places. For households, people can choose whether they want the air cleaner in a certain room, like the bathroom or kitchens where pollutants abound or in all rooms to endure all round safety. Depending on the need, air cleaners are available in various sizes. If the entire house needs an air cleaner, there are companies that offer centrally located units that will clean the air in each room of a home. Businesses can also take advantage of these centrally located air cleaning systems. Large industrial businesses can install mammoth-sized air cleaners that will keep the entire working area clean of persistent contaminant, impurities and foul smelling odors. These are usually made with high intensity and are very powerful.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Electronic air cleaners are another form of air filters. These filters use electrostatic precipitation, static charge, or particle ionization to remove particles that have been sapped in by a fan through a foam pre-filter. What happens at this point is that larger particles are caught and charged by a high-voltage wire, which is then captured in the precipitating cell. From here, a carbon filter removes the odors and a post filter removes other remaining particles. Pre-filters used in this form can remove mold, tobacco smoke, bacteria and a large percentage of household dust

There are also other forms of electronic cleaners that are available on the market. Electric cleaners are one example. In addition to the foam pre-filter and carbon filter, these types of cleaners also use polyester and cellulose fibers with a static charge to capture particles. Another type is the Negative Ionizer, which also uses foam pre-filters and carbon filters. It is distinctive because it has charged wires, which create ions. The fan then blows these charged particles into the room, and they accumulate on walls and room surfaces. There are also ionic air cleaners that do not use filters; instead, they just utilize electricity to make particles in the air become heavy and drop to the ground. They do not blow air through a membrane like HEPA air cleaners; instead, they circulate negative ions throughout the air


Ozone generation cleaners are the least popular type of electronic cleaner. They use high-voltage electrical charges to convert oxygen to ozone. High concentrations of ozone can destroy gas molecules and certain microorganisms. However, there is a downside to this type of air cleaner. The North Carolina Department of Environmental, Health, and Natural Resources has recommended that people NOT use this type of cleaner, because ozone has proven to be hazardous to people’s health, which defeats the purpose of using the air filters in the first place.

Air Cleaner Review

Infinity-Air-Cleaner-CoverAs there is growth in modernization and industrialization the mode of production and life style have been changing drastically. The proliferation of industries globally has effected in great magnitude towards the environment. There is depletion in ozone layers due to the release of chloro- fluoro carbon from industries and automobiles.

There are negative climatic and environmental changes, which have great impact on flora, fauna and human community. There is health haphazard everywhere, people facing different health problems like cardio vascular diseases, and respiratory problems such as asthma, lungs cancer etc.
The air and surroundings have gone polluted and harmful; there is no other way to get free from these odds then to be subjected to different diseases. But we have ways to combat air pollution and live healthy.

There are air cleaners, which make the air pure and clean, and very well one can make it life long companion to stay healthy and happy.

After lot of scientific speculation, research and experiment companies and industries came out with various kinds of air cleaners with latest technology and development.

Today there are different types of air cleaners in the market according to the needs and requirement of the costumers.

But it is really difficult for one to choose the good air cleaners. Therefore it is important for a costumer to go through the reviews and description of different kinds of air cleaners, its manufacturing technology and its performances.

These days the technology used in air cleaner is very advanced and modern, which have great capability to purify the polluted air by arresting micro dust particles and other harmful chemical particles from the air.

The air cleaners can be used at home and offices to get free from cigarette smokes and allergies cause by polluted air carrying dust and toxic particles.

Most of the air cleaners have filters, which arrest or block the dust particles and allow clean air to flow. The filters can be changed in every six months to five years according to the technology used or as instructed by the manufacturer.

There are different kinds of air cleaners Such as UV air cleaners, ion generator cleaners, ionic breeze, electrostatic or electronic air cleaners, and ozone generator air cleaners.

UV air purifier destroys DNA of harmful microorganisms by using required ultra violet light
Ion air cleaners: This cleaner blocks or traps the dust particles and it is mainly used in submarines and poultry farms to keep the feathers dust particle far.